Quantifying the Role of Ground Beetles for the Dispersal of Fusarium and Alternaria Fungi in Agricultural Landscapes26.10.2021 13:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Müller, Marina
Silica fertilization improvedwheat performance and increased phosphorus concentrations during drought at the feld scale26.10.2021 13:13
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Onasch, Ingrid
Differences in the sediment composition of wind eroded sandy soils before and after fertilization with poultry manure26.10.2021 13:15
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Münch, Steffen
Transformación socioecológica y aprendizaje: el caso del sistema de la producción lechera en Santa Rosa de Lima, Brasil26.10.2021 13:15
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Schröter, Barbara
Green Food Industry in China: Spatial Pattern and Production Concentration Drivers26.10.2021 13:16
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Franke, Kerstin
Urban Green Space Planning, Policy Implementation, and Challenges: The Case of Addis Ababa20.10.2021 16:04
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
Implementing a Proxy-Basin Strategy to Assess the Transposability of a Hydrological Model in Geographically Similar Catchments26.10.2021 13:16
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Dönmez, Cenk
Dry sowing reduced durum wheat performance under irrigated conservation agriculture14.10.2021 16:41
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Grahmann, Kathrin
Biochar amendments improve licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensisFisch.) growth and nutrient uptake under salt stress14.10.2021 16:35
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Wirth, Stephan
Multi-variable experimental data set of agronomic data and gaseous soil emissions from maize, oilseed rape and other energy crops at eight sites in Germany14.10.2021 16:26
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Hagemann, Ulrike
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