Long-term field experiments in Germany: classification and spatial representation30.11.2020 12:26
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Grosse, Meike
Root growth and presence of Rhizophagus iregualris distinctly alter substrate hydraulic properties in a model system with Medicago truncatula24.11.2020 13:37
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kolb, Steffen
Anisotropy of unsaturated hydraulic properties of compacted mineral capping systems seven years after construction,24.11.2020 12:06
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Gerke, Horst
Statistical Analysis versus the M5P Machine Learning Algorithm to Analyze the Yield ofWinter Wheat in a Long-Term Fertilizer Experiment17.11.2020 10:15
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Bellingrath-Kimura, Sonoko Dorothea
Understanding the role of water and tillage erosion from 239+240Pu tracer measurements using inverse modelling17.11.2020 10:05
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Sommer, Michael
Some at Risk for COVID-19 Are Reluctant to Take Precautions, but others are not: a case from rural in Southern Iran16.11.2020 13:00
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
Potential Bioenergy Production from Miscanthus × giganteus in Brandenburg: Producing Bioenergy and Fostering Other Ecosystem Services while Ensuring Food Self-Sufficiency in the Berlin-Brandenburg Reg16.11.2020 11:24
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Tavakoli Hashjini, Ehsan
Wind intensity affects fine root morphological traits with consequences for plant-soil feedback effects09.11.2020 13:43
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kranich, Viola
Rapid spread and population genetics of Aedes japonicus japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) in southeastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia)09.11.2020 13:24
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
Response of Soybean to Hydrochar-Based Rhizobium Inoculation in Loamy Sandy Soil 02.11.2020 11:24
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Egamberdieva, Dilfuza
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