Reconstruction of forest dynamics in the Western Palaearctic based on phylogeographic analysis of the ringlet butterfly Erebia aethiops12.01.2021 15:00
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kramp, Katja
Can a shift to regional and organic diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the food system? A case study from Qatar12.01.2021 14:59
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Vicente-Vicente, José Luis
Application of a Decision Support Tool for Industrial and Agricultural Purposes in International Case Studies12.01.2021 07:51
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Lischeid, Gunnar
Protection effect of overwintering water bird habitat and defining the conservation priority area in Poyang Lake wetland, China11.01.2021 16:00
Online firstFranke, Kerstin
The roadmap to energy security in Egypt08.01.2021 11:33
Book chaptersShaaban, Mostafa
History of the E.I. Martsinovsky Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine: research on malaria and leishmaniasis. 07.01.2021 09:27
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kuhls, Katrin
Arable Weeds and Management in Europe07.01.2021 09:26
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Glemnitz, Michael
Pan-European multi-crop model ensemble simulations of wheat and grain maize under climate change scenarios04.01.2021 13:21
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Webber, Heidi
Silicon uptake and isotope fractionation dynamics by crop species04.01.2021 11:38
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Sommer, Michael
Oviposition of Aedes japonicus japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) and associated native species in relation to season, temperature and land use in western Germany18.12.2020 13:20
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
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