Ecological–Economic Modelling of Traditional Agroforestry to Promote Farmland Biodiversity with Cost-Effective Payments17.05.2022 15:21
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Nishizawa, Takamasa
Provision of metadata of European Agricultural Long-Term Experiments through BonaRes and EJP SOIL Collaboration17.05.2022 10:21
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Hoffmann, Carsten
Modelling temporal variability of in-situ soil water and vegetation isotopes reveals ecohydrological couplings in a willow plot 16.05.2022 12:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Dubbert, Maren
Continuous in situ measurements of water stable isotopes in soils, tree trunk and root xylem: Field approval16.05.2022 10:09
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Dahlmann, Adrian
Xylem water in riparian willow trees (Salix alba) reveals shallow sources of root water uptake by in situ monitoring of stable water isotopes 16.05.2022 09:01
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Dubbert, Maren
Dynamics of Soil CO2 Efflux and Vertical CO2 Production in a European Beech and a Scots Pine Forest11.05.2022 12:47
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Jochheim, Hubert
Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked toBiodiversity—Part III: Traits, Processes and RemoteSensing Characteristics11.05.2022 09:40
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stange, Annett
Context matters: the landscape matrix determines the population genetic structure of temperate forest herbs across Europe11.05.2022 08:50
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Naaf, Tobias
Soil conditions drive belowground trait space in temperate agricultural grasslands11.05.2022 08:29
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kranich, Viola
Perceived risks and vulnerabilities of employing digitalization and digital data in agriculture – Socially robust orientations from a transdisciplinary process10.05.2022 11:19
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Zscheischler, Jana
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