Viewpoints on Cooperative Peatland Management: Expectations and Motives of Dutch Farmers02.12.2021 09:54
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Franke, Kerstin
Participatory Mapping of Demand for Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes.02.12.2021 09:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Piorr, Annette
Sustainable food protein supply reconciling human and ecosystem health: A Leibniz Position01.12.2021 14:32
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kranich, Viola
The what, who and how of socio-ecological justice: Tailoring a new justice model for earth system law01.12.2021 14:14
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
Social Cohesion as the Missing Link between Natural Resource Management and Peacebuilding: Lessons from Cocoa Production in Cote d´Ivoire and Colombia01.12.2021 13:40
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
The Slope Association Type as a Comparative Index for the Evaluation of Environmental Risks01.12.2021 11:08
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Deumlich, Detlef
Chromosomal and Molecular Diversity inthe Simulium ornatum Group (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Western Tian Shan Range of Central Asia24.11.2021 14:24
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
Buzzing Homes: Using Citizen Science Data to Explore the Effects of Urbanization on Indoor Mosquito Communities24.11.2021 09:42
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
Population genetic structure of the Asian bush mosquito, Aedes japonicus (Diptera,Culicidae), in Belgium suggests multiple introductions24.11.2021 09:39
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
Quick Detection of Field-Scale Soil Comprehensive Attributesvia the Integration of UAV and Sentinel-2B RemoteSensing Data24.11.2021 09:32
Journal articles (peer-reviewed) Stange, Annett
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