Passive solar dryers as sustainable alternatives for drying agricultural produce in sub-Saharan Africa: advances and challenges17.09.2021 11:26
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
Recarbonizing global soils – A technical manual of recommended management practicesVolume 4 - Cropland, grassland, integrated systems and farming approaches - Case studies17.09.2021 11:25
Book chaptersVicente-Vicente, José Luis
Diversity and biological activity of culturable endophytic bacteria associated with marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)17.09.2021 11:25
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Wirth, Stephan
Recarbonizing global soils: A technical manual of recommended sustainable soil management. Volume 3 - Cropland, grassland, integrated systems and farming approaches - Practices overview17.09.2021 11:25
Book chaptersVicente-Vicente, José Luis
iCROPM 2020: Crop Modeling for the Future17.09.2021 11:26
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Hollburg, Anke
Metadata of agricultural ong-term experiments in Europe exclusive of Germany13.09.2021 09:51
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Helming, Katharina
A Parsimonious Approach to Estimate Soil Organic Carbon Applying Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Multispectral Imagery and the Topographic Position Index in a Heterogeneous Soil Landscape 13.09.2021 09:51
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Sommer, Michael
An integrated framework of plant form and function: the belowground perspective08.09.2021 14:19
Online firstKranich, Viola
Mapping Crop Types and Cropping Systems in Nigeria withSentinel-2 Imagery06.09.2021 12:50
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stange, Annett
How farmers think about insects: perceptions of biodiversity, biodiversity loss and attitudes towards insect‑friendlyfarming practices06.09.2021 12:13
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Kranich, Viola
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